Our Services

Services That We Provide

At Charpsy we endeavour to improve postive living outcomes with access to our services. The Charpsy services include:

  • a world event calendar where you can add your own ticketed and RSVP events that you can charge entry for and keep the revenue, minus a small fee and commission,
  • conduct your own social meetings in Groups with Zoom,
  • access to view the Charpsy blog, where you’ll see articles written by qualified psychologists about mental health issues that we all may experience to further help with your journey to recovery,
  • a project management tool found in each Group, to help you collaborate, organize and structure your work where you can also constructively complete on somebody else’s work in progress,
  • a Blog for our members to add their own story and share their hope, encouragement, character building hardship, love, fun and play,
  • a social network platform for mental health participants, friends, family, carers, peers and guides,
  • a Delete Profile feature allowing you to delete all your data from the Charpsy.org website,
  • a Search tool where you can find your long time friends and new ones too,
Charspsy services.
Join the social network to connect, work, or play.
  • a Q & A feature giving you the opportunity to ask your friends, peers, family, and other connections a question to help clear your thoughts,
  • an Invite feature where you can send out welcome messages to your network outside of the mental health social network who you’d like to join with on Charpsy,
  • a Compliments feature where you can send a friendly reminder of how good your friends, peers, carer, family and fellow participants are,
  • a Testimonial feature where you can leave a note for referral,
  • a Documents feature where you can collaborate with uploading and distributing important documents,
  • a Messaging feature, allowing you to contact your connections within the social network,
  • updates that your network sees in their Timeline is found in your News Feed,
  • access to your Timeline where you’ll see your post history,
  • a Friend feature where you can customise a friend request message to new and old friends found on the social network,
  • a Groups feature where you can author a unique group with you own theme of to see useful tips and insider tricks to help get through common and not so common mental health issues,
  • a Profile page where you can update your personal info and bio, next of kin, and About Me for your personal touch,
  • a Notifications feature, to let you know when you have new Messages and other site wide information, and
  • access to add your Videos and Photos for your friends to view and share.