Peer / Guide

What is a Peer / Guide?

With Lived Experience

A peer / guide on the Charpsy social network is someone with lived experience of a mental health issue.

Peer / guide.
A peer / guide can support the mental health participant in their journey to recovery.

What Do I Get When I Join Charpsy?

You’ve done well to come this far, when early on you had real trouble from day to day. You remember what it feels like to have your rights and liberties stolen from you by staff that seemed either too tired to take a moment to see what it’s like in you place, or just didn’t have the time to sympathise with you as they’ve got very little time and patience.

You remember the importance of a good walk most days or other exercise, healthy food, regular sleep, socialising in real world events with friends, and taking your medication. Sometimes getting online feels like it has its place too.

Charpsy’s tool set gives you the opportunity to engage with the Project Management feature in Groups, give or receive Testimonials, send kind Compliments to your friends in need of a nice word, Documents upload, Q & A, and the Blog. Also you can use the events calendar to connect and be social. Or use RSVP’s and collect ticketing profits or donate to charity.

Who Can be a Peer / Guide

To be a successful peer / guide on the social network you will need to have the following qualities*:

  1. integration of your experiences of mental distress into your life so you see value in them and do not feel ashamed or disempowered,
  2. ability to think critically and reflect on what you do and why you do it, and be capable of making judgements based on reasonable possibilities,
  3. having values consistent with the peer values of Charpsy,
  4. having a good understanding of marginalisation issues, exclusion and discrimination,
  5. being empathetic, emotionally mature and objective, and
  6. being skilled at utilising personal lived experience purposefully to support people in recovery and to develop more empathetic service practices.
  • Qualities as indicated (adjusted) in the Australian publication: Peer Work in Australia | A New Future for Mental Health.

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