Mental Health Participant

What is a Mental Health Participant?

Seeking Betterment in Recovery

A Mental Health Participant is someone who has, or has had a mental health issue and is seeking betterment in recovery through positive practices in living, being kind, fair, respectful, loving, caring, hopeful, resilient, and thoughtful.

Mental health participant.
Mental Health Participants can expand and learn from others on the Charpsy social network.

What Do I Get When I Join Charpsy?

When you’re feeling lost for words because your human liberties have been robbed from your grasp. You feel there’s new rising threats to your social justice nearly all of the time as you tread carefully through your days. You feel what once was before is nearly lost now and you have no way of getting what is right into your hands. Where it belongs. In your procession, where your rights once were..

You remember the importance of regular exercise, a healthy diet, sleep, socialising in real world events, and taking your medication, but sometimes getting online feels like it has its place too.

Charpsy social network is designed to allow you the opportunity to get involved in real world events in your local area, or abroad. You’ll make new friends and find new connections. Get testimonials sent to you. Send kind compliments to your online friends. Make your own RSVP events and keep the proceeds or you can donate them to charity. Use the Project Management tool, or tick somebody else’s to do tasks list and get better job opportunities. And seek out advocacy if you think its a good idea.

Who Can be a Participant?

Anyone that has or has had a mental health issue, and participates in the Charpsy community in a manner that is respectful, considerate, and fair.

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