How Charpsy Makes Money

Charpsy is a Company

Charpsy is a company and we need to make money to ensure positive community participation and outcomes across the globe. We use the ‘‘ domain because we have charity at heart with 10% of profits donated towards our preferred charities.

Event Ticketing

Charpsy adds a fee and commission charge to each ticket sold in the Event Ticketing at our Calendar. We do this to help pay for the free services we provide.

ad-free on Charpsy

One day Charpsy will be an advertising network, where FREE for Life members will see the occasional ad in their News Feed, Timeline or in Groups. You’ll have the option to upgrade to ad-free on Charpsy, where your membership will be without ads across the Charpsy website.

Our Commitment

See the Charpsy team here. We are committed to the best outcome for community both locally and abroad.

Our Preferred Charities

See our preferred charities here.