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The Mental Health Social Network

Charpsy will be registered as a company in the Cook Islands, and is the premier mental health social network both locally and abroad.

Our Services

Our service is for some of the most vulnerable people in community. Many people with mental health issues feel isolated and don’t have the same opportunity at creating networks including friendships as others do. The Charpsy social network aims to help community involvement with tools and features designed to have members be more inclusive in community.

Check the Services that are designed to help our vulnerable in community connect both offline and online here.

About Us

See our mission statement and what we’re about here.

Our Team

See why Cooper is passionate about helping where he can, and why he is charitable towards our most vulnerable in community both locally and abroad. Check here.

Contact Us

Get in touch with a real person at Charpsy. Contact us by using the form mail or phone here.

The Charpsy Asset Value, at 2021/11/02

Out of pocket expenses by Cooper (approximate)AUD$7,400.00
Value of labor contributed by Cooper mostly being for web design (2021/07/11 to 2021/11/02)AUD$41,056.00

Our Budget for the Current Period Ending 2024/06/30

The table below outlines how Cooper will spend your very generous contributions towards the Charpsy cause. Even though Charpsy will be formed as a company, we have charity in mind. With 10% of profits going back to our preferred charities. However your contribution is not considered profit and does not go to any of our referred charities.

ItemEstimated expenses for current period ending 2024/06/30
App renewalsUSD$2,500.00
Book keepingAUD$2,000.00
Business registrations and memberships in Cook IslandsUSD$5,200.00
Domain name renewalsAUD$150.00
Server costsUSD$15,000.00
Work at home ElectricityAUD$1,200.00
IP4% of turnover, calculated and paid monthly
Psychologist’s Blog ArticlesUSD$2,800.00
Telephone SoftwareUSD$0.00
IT Technician AUD$0.00
Phone call plansAUD$3,000.00
Advertising & MarketingUSD$36,000.00
Wages, CEOoffset retrospectively till after due date of 2023/06/30
Other wages, estimated x1 employee starting 2022/07/01AUD$52,000.00 per annum
Business launch function, including function room, food and drinksAUD$3,500.00
Bank account including minimum balanceUSD$7,500.00
Banking and exchange transfer feesMisc.
Total foreseen expenses during the current period ending 2023/06/30AUD$169,109.32
* Exchange rates calculated on 2021/03/06
* Cooper will not be drawing a personal salary of AUD$150,000.00 per annum with a start date the same as company formation till after due date of 2023/06/30