Carer, Friend and / or Family

What is a Carer, Friend and / or Family?

A Community of People Who Care About Humanity

Our Carer, Friend and / or Family is someone who cares about or for a person who has a mental health issue on the Charpsy social network, or in the broader community.

People I care about.
People I care about.

What Do I Get When I Join Charpsy?

When you’re looking for help to cope with a stressful day sometimes nothing beats going for a walk, seeing a friend with a coffee, going for a swim, or taking a long country drive to unwind.

Sometimes there’s no time for all of that, and just keeping in touch with friends online can help with your social day.

Use the Groups feature online here at Charpsy to help stay atop of the stress with tips and insider tricks for learning how to deal with the everyday stressors that can make you feel tired all the while long. There’s a lovely Compliments tool for sending kind reminders to your friends about how good they are to you. Write your Blog. And use the Q & A feature to clear your thoughts to more clarity.

Who Can Change Their Profile Type

Anyone who cares about or for a person with a mental health issue in the broader community or on the Charpsy social network. To be eligible for this profile type you need to be:

  • a carer,
  • a friend and / or
  • family.

Other Profile Types

Learn more about or change to Peer / Guide profile type. And Mental Health Participant.

Membership Types

Profile type is different to membership type. See more on membership type.

Change Your Profile Type

Change your profile type to Carer, Friend and / or Family. Complete the form.

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