In An Emergency

If you or anyone you know on the Charpsy social network is in an emergency then see here.

Hope and Recovery.

About Us

What is Charpsy? What is their mission statement? See here.

Our services.

Our Services

See what services Charpsy provides to help you achieve betterment.

Participant in life.

Mental Health Participant

See what it means to be a mental health participant on the Charpsy social network.

Peer, Guide.

Peer / Guide

See who can become a peer / guide with the Charpsy community.

Carer, Friend, and Family

Carer, Friend and / or Family

See who can join the social network as carer, friend and / or family.

My Privacy Matters.

Is My Profile Private?

You can set your Profile Privacy to how you like. See default settings here.


Our Team

The Charpsy team is passionate about your recovery. See here.

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Get in touch with the Charpsy team. See here.