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The Charpsy mental health social network is designed to help the vulnerable mental health participant meet with friends in community and achieve betterment in your employment goals. Also the carer, friend, and family member can connect with like minded carers and access a pool of resources that can be used to help break down your busy day in to small and digestible parts. And the peer / guide has access to the Project Manager tool, Testimonials and Documents feature.

We’re Here to Help You

The Charpsy social network is designed for Peer / Guide, Carer, Friend, Family, and Mental Health Participant to get help with access to a network of like minded people as a combined group of power as one. Even though each of our everyday lives are unique and varied we all have the common goal of improving life for positive outcomes and that means taking on the system to some extent and we all need to group together to win.

Help for Carer, Friend and / or Family

United as one together we are stronger than if we stand alone. Carers, friend and / or family get support from like minded members through the Charpsy social network.

Mental Health Social Network
Mental Health Social Network

We all know how difficult it can be with a close member of the family or a friend going through a tough time with mental health issues. Sometimes it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through as a close relative or friend. And when you turn for help it can feel like nobody listens or knows what to do to get what you require to get a hold of a break.

The Carer, Friend and / or Family Group is where you can add your insightful information and great insider tips and tricks on how people just like you can cope with everyday events, work, and other stressors. Also you can use other peoples insights to help you get ahead of feeling exhausted everyday.

Help for Peer / Guide

Peers / Guides have access to help and manage your time effectively with the Project Management tool found in each Group. And anybody can volunteer to strike out goals that you set for your project.

In fact, any profile type including Mental Health Participant and Carer, Friend, and / or Family can start and help with a project.

There’s a document feature to allow for better management of your paperwork.

Also there’s the Q & A poll for collecting an answer from other members for a question you might have.

Help for Mental Health Participant to Continue Your Journey to Recovery

Improve your social relationships by gaining experience through connecting in virtual and live events from the world calendar where you can meet and connect with more contacts. Add your own events to the world calendar where you can charge entry ticketing fees, take RSVP’s, and keep the profits or donate to your preferred charity. Get free access to create and manage projects in Groups where other members can help with tasks anytime. Also the Charpsy Blog is where you’ll find great tips and insider tricks to dealing with mental health issues. And you can feel listened to while telling your story to community members with writing your Blog here at Charpsy.

Leave testimonials for improved employment opportunities.

There’s also a very sweet Compliments feature that you can leave some kind words for a friend.

People Just Like You Interested to Connect

Our community is a group of kind heart people interested to get help through the extension of their social perspective. All members get full access to the tools and features of the social network. Also, members can attend live events found at our online calendar, make their own ticketed and RSVP events, charge an entry fee and keep the revenue or donate to their preferred charity.

The Charpsy social network is taking ‘social’ in our lives seriously, and we’re a group of local and abroad people enjoying the connection with others on an emotional, live, and caring level where we can all offer a bit of help to each other.

About Us

Charpsy is a community of people who can relate to the experience of mental health as a participant, guide, or friend. See why more people are joining our community from local and abroad. Check About Us.

Is Charpsy For Me?

Charpsy is the best mental health social network. See here.

Our Services

At Charpsy, we endeavour to provide world class services for our members. Check Our Services.

For a Limited Time

For a limited time only see our Blog style that we offer to our members that is now available for Guest to read. See here.

Profile Types

On the Charpsy social network, your selection of profile type is either:

  1. mental health participant,
  2. peer / guide, or
  3. carer, friend and / or family.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. That’s why your privacy status of your profile is in your control.. You can edit these at anytime. See the default settings.

Our Team

Cooper is the Manager and is passionate about charity. See why he started Charpsy here.

How Charpsy Makes Money

Charpsy is a Company

Charpsy is a company and to help with continued positive outcomes for the local and abroad community we need to make money. We use the ‘‘ domain because we have charity at heart with 10% of profits donated towards our preferred charities. See how Charpsy makes money here.

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Get in touch with us at the Charpsy mental health social network.

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